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Who We Are

Mission Statement

Helpful Hands’ mission is to always provide top quality paraprofessional in-home care services to our clients in his/her home or current place of residence. We realize that assisting each person to maintain the very best quality of life and a high level of independence is important and essential for you and your entire family. We are incredibly focused and committed to each client. Our staff recognizes the value of each person whether that person is disabled, aged, perhaps recovering from an accident or surgery or one with a chronic disease. One thing you will learn about our company is… We are patient, compassionate, and kindhearted and focus on providing the best live-in or live-out home care services.

About us and Our Vision Statement

We are making every effort to be a leading In-Home Care Service Provider in Orange County and for the surrounding areas. Our quality services range from hourly, one-time, long-term, live-out, live-in, and even travel care. Our professionals offer every client compassionate, skilled care. Our combined mission and vision is to be the most trusted, dependable and affordable home health care agency in Southern California!


Our client services and company goals are based (at the very least) on two essential fundamental philosophical ideologies and principles:

  1. The fervent belief in the inherent worth and value of the elderly (aged), disabled, chronically ill or ailing individuals;
  2. The passionate belief that any person, regardless of his or her gender, age, race, nationality, color, or handicap(s) is without doubt or discrimination entitled to try to maximize their potential both as a member of our society and a human being.

It’s the belief and opinion of Helpful Hands Home Health Care that everyone will experience the aging and maturing process, it being a normal stage of development for all individuals and that a chronic disease, mental or physical disability are to various degrees, just a measure of the aging process. Helpful Hands Home Health Care is dedicated and committed to caring for aging seniors, the elderly, and disabled individuals from young adults to the aged within their current residence or family home. The goal being that he/she will have the opportunity to maximize their contribution, fulfill their place as part of the household and society member with the minimum of stress and conflict. Being a part of this effort, our agency works towards the enrichment of the client’s well-being and self-respect.

Helpful Hands is also an active and vital member of their Community. Helpful Hands Home Health Care being an employer, practices non-discrimination while striving to provide and offer opportunities for professional and personal growth. As a central part of the local business community, Helpful Hands makes considerable efforts to assist and serve the local people with the utmost attention to the community’s specific needs and adhere to current local area practices.

Our Purpose

We truly believe quality in-home care services are an essential portion of continuing care to our clients at their home (place of residence) and that care in their home can help minimize the overall effects of illness, disability, or the recovery from an accident or surgery.

Our agency believes in and recognizes the intrinsic fundamental worth of the elderly, those with a chronic disease, or the disabled person. We believe that the contributions made by these individuals are just as important as any community member is. Our agency further recognizes that every person is certainly entitled to keep and regain his/her maximum place while participating in society.

We recognize and understand the aging process is going to happen to everyone and is an inescapable part of our lives. We additionally know that chronic disease and potential disability may become part of the aging progression.

In providing in-home care and services to individuals, Helpful Hands recognizes that our clients and families have inalienable rights to autonomy. The client has the right to participate and share their wishes in planning for their needs, care, and service, to further make decisions in regards to their home care, and to maintain their independence for as long as it is realistic and feasible.

Helpful Hands recognizes that staff behavior, his/her attitude, knowledge, people skills, understanding, and compassion have a substantial effect on helping each client not only attain but maintain their health.

Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting the elderly, terminally ill, those recovering from an accident or surgery, and disabled individuals within the structure of their home environments (the place they call home), allowing maximum independence and revered retention of their self-respect.